Let all those who love the Lord and waiting for His coming back, stand on the ground of oneness and in unity, being watchful and prudent and pray: "come, Lord Jesus."
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littlegodman Welcome, amen.(01-24 18:38)
littlegodman 不客气。(01-24 18:38)
littlegodman 不客气,感谢主!(01-24 18:37)
haixuanshiThank you!(01-24 14:53)
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icando1t3Q感謝主!(01-23 23:01)
elisha1214谢谢,很需要(01-23 22:28)
renrongcnAmenamen(01-22 20:13)
bliamen(01-22 15:28)
TimothyXue2005Hallelujah,I am hungry for the Lord's words.(01-22 02:08)