Let all those who love the Lord and waiting for His coming back, stand on the ground of oneness and in unity, being watchful and prudent and pray: "come, Lord Jesus."
2017 正月份經文桌布「信而受浸的必然得救」-可16:16
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zhangshuxiahtyey(02-07 20:12)
littlegodman让我们的桌面也有神的话,阿们!(01-14 09:30)
littlegodman 阿们!(01-14 09:30)
spalla哈利路亚(01-13 17:42)
littlegodman 不客气,弟兄,赞美主!(01-13 07:03)
littlegodman 不客气,弟兄,赞美主!(01-13 07:02)
h1990629828太好了 水深之處的月曆 謝謝弟兄姊妹的分享(01-13 00:31)
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littlegodman You're welcome!(01-11 20:46)
littlegodman You're welcome!(01-11 20:46)