Let all those who love the Lord and waiting for His coming back, stand on the ground of oneness and in unity, being watchful and prudent and pray: "come, Lord Jesus."
In this fellowship, Brother Minoru shares on the importance of the word of God in light of the present day situation in which we as young pe...
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erictenecathayamen thank you brothers(2017-02-03 18:07)
baihezhaohuiAmen!(2017-01-13 12:07)
以利沙感谢主!(2017-01-13 09:41)
以利沙感谢主!(2017-01-13 09:41)
EnoshLeedownload(2017-01-12 11:57)
littlegodman Praise Him!(2017-01-12 08:55)
maranathaThank you for sharing!(2017-01-12 03:45)
littlegodman Amen.(2017-01-11 07:44)
littlegodman Amen.(2017-01-11 07:44)
PHOEBECHENAmen for the Word of God!!(2017-01-10 21:34)